Seaco International Leasing GmbH

  • Founded 1998
  • Headquaters Singapore, Hamburg (for German Domestic)
  • Employees 250
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  • Address Am Sandtorpark 2 20457 Hamburg


We are part of a leading global container leasing company. Regional focus of swapbody leasing is Germany and Austria. Our modern swapbody fleet includes 15500 units with standard length 7.45m. It consists of stackable steel boxes, of which we keep 4 different types. Standard or jumbo boxes, flat or corrugated wall. Some of our jumbo boxes offer additional folding tables.

Categories & Subcategories

Transport Logistics (), System Logistics (Courier/Parcel/Mail Services, ), Vehicles/Equipment (Container handling/leasing, ),

Company Description

Seaco is one of the largest container lessors worldwide with a fleet of more than 3 million container units (TEU). With offices and depots on all continents, we are a global player and support the global container traffic with standard, cooling, tank and special containers. Seaco was formed in 1998 as a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Capital Corporation and Sea Containers Ltd. Seaco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Sea Containers Ltd (GSCL), a Bermuda company. Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd indirectly owns 100% shares of GSCL, is a Chinese public company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange As a specialised division, we rent swap bodies to well-known customers mainly from the CEP industry (courier / express / parcel services) as well as their subcontractors. Our swap body fleet comprises 15500 units with a standard length of 7.45m. It consists of stackable steel boxes of which we stock 4 different types. Standard or jumbo cases, smooth or beaded. Some of our jumbo cases also have folding tables.

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