Am Zehnhoff-Söns Group

  • Founded 1907
  • Headquaters Bonn
  • Employees 350
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  • Address Terminal Bonn | Am Zehnhoff-Söns GmbH International Logistic Services Hafenstraße 1 | 53117 Bonn | Germany


Drop anchor with AZS. The Am Zehnhoff-Söns Group is a a leading regional logistics group as well as a global player and an integrated value-added partner for our clients.

Categories & Subcategories

Transport Logistics (Air Freight, Combined transport, Maritime transport, Road Transport Services, Rail Freight servies, Inland Waterway Logistics, ), Contract Logistics (Dangerous Logistics, Chemical logistics, ), System Logistics (Forwarding/Networks, Project logistics, Warehousing/intra-logistics, ), Vehicles/Equipment (Commercial vehicles, Container handling/leasing, ),

Company Description

For each transport the right solution. It is a long and eventful company history which characterises Am Zehnhoff-Söns today. When we speak of tradition, we mean this: we retain the best from past decades; we have the courage to do this time and again; and we are determined to master every challenge and to continue to take the same pleasure in logistics which has driven our family for over 100 years in order to lead the company to success. The range of services our terminals in Bonn and Trier offers each 420 metres of quayage, high-performance handling equipment and 54,000 or rather 65,000 m² of storage and transshipment space.

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