Aviation Network Consultants GmbH

  • Founded 2013
  • Headquaters Hanover
  • Employees 2
  • Email STS@ANC-Germany.de
  • Contact STS@ANC-Germany.de
  • Website www.anc-germany.de
  • Address Georgsplatz 12, Hanover 30159,Germany


Aviation Consulting

Categories & Subcategories

Transport Logistics (Air Freight, Combined transport, Maritime transport, Road Transport Services, Rail Freight servies, Inland Waterway Logistics, ), Contract Logistics (Costumes logistics, Food/perishable, Retail E-Commerce, Automotive, ),

Company Description

Beside conception and monitoring of international location development-projects for airports, industrial locations, airlines, integrators and logistics ANC providers also the development of clusters and networks as well as the realization of concrete marketing and sales measures.

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