IQS Holding GmbH

  • Founded 1998
  • Headquaters Langenbach near Munich
  • Employees 50
  • Email
  • Contact +49 8761 7205 0
  • Website
  • Address Alfred-Kuehne-Straße 20, Langenbach 85416 ,Germany


Automotive and Special Logistics

Categories & Subcategories

Transport Logistics (Air Freight, Maritime transport, Road Transport Services, Rail Freight servies, ), Contract Logistics (Automotive, Dangerous Logistics, ), System Logistics (3th and 4th Logistic Provider, Forwarding/Networks, Warehousing/intra-logistics, ), Vehicles/Equipment (Container handling/leasing, ), Qualification HR (Consulting/Qualification, ), Other Services (other, ),

Company Description

The IQS Group is a global group of companies whose specialists are closely involved in various disciplines. Together they are responsible for a smooth and cost-efficient logistics process that incorporate the highest possible standards of security, speed and discretion. IQS focuses on special automotive logistics, managing: air freight, ocean fright, land transport, project logistics, customs clearance, charter operations handling, travel organisation, onboard courier etc.

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