LaLoG LandLogistik GmbH

  • Founded 2017
  • Headquaters Frankfurt (Oder)
  • Employees 2
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  • Address Im Technologiepark 1, Frankfurt (Oder) 15236, Germany


Information and Intermediation Platform for Cargo Areas of Freight and Passenger Traffic

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Qualification HR (), ICT 4.0 (Logistik 4.0 Digital/ITS, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT/INNOVATIONS, ), Market Places/PR/Media (Logistcs fairs/platforms, ),

Company Description

The idea of LandLogistik is based on a new understanding of logistics processes as an integral system in real time and carrier independent. Moving goods in the city, in rural areas or in between; using a bus, a truck, a ship, a train or drones - the main thing is that it comes along as a combined transport chain. LandLogistik provides logistics consulting solutions by mobilizing free loading areas of everyone who is on his daily “anyway business tour”, especially for rural areas. Complementary, we enable public transport companies to gain additional profit margins by taking up logistics services. Finally, the digital transformation of both systems leads us to “micro logistics” – an affordable local transport solution for small quantities and packages. On this basis, it is more profitable for trucking companies or CEP services to pick up bundled shipments for trans-regional transports. LandLogistik comes along not only as an operational implementation but as a digital plattform – coming up soon.

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